I have previous teaching experience from Espoo Adult Education Center in Finland where I was teaching beginner and advanced adult groups for six years, and from Siuntio Music Association where I was teaching groups of children in different levels. Additionally, I have been teaching privately and substituting many of my colleagues during my studies in various music schools in Finland and The Netherlands. This has given me the chance to give individual lessons in addition to the group teaching.

While doing my Bachelor’s Degree in music at Metropolia University of Applied Studies in Helsinki, Finland a large portion of my studies consisted of pedagogic studies giving me a qualification in Classical Music Education. These studies consisted of various general and music pedagogy lectures, following lessons at various music schools and teaching pedagogic students. These pedagogic studies have given me knowledge and confidence in creating my own teaching method.

I always aim to create a safe and creative environment for the student. In my opinion it is the teacher’s task to meet the individual requirements and needs of every student. I think this way the student can find inner motivation in developing their skills and make music an important part of their life. As a teacher I am imaginative and enthusiastic as well as reliable and well organized.

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